TKLOutdoors® VTRFSGU1010, Universal Rifle / Shotgun Case


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TKLOutdoors® Vectra® cases include the following features:

  • TKL’s Patented Designs
  • TKL’s Rugged Precision Molded Exterior
  • TKL’s Patented Tempered & Formed Aluminum Valance
  • TKL’s Providence Forge® Plated Hardware
  • TKL’s Comfort Grip™ Molded Handle
  • TKL’s Exclusive Universal Advanced Interlink™ Construction Interior
  • TKL’s 24/7 Protection®
  • TKL’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • TKL Proudly manufactures in the      USA
  • TKL is Proud to be a Veteran Owned Company


Exclusive Advanced Interlink Construction™ Silhouette® Interior

Military Spring Loaded handles

Non-Locking ¼ turn Military approved latches

Padlock Hasp for additional security

TKL Trakr™ – GSM/GPS Locating and Tracking Device