Innovative 24/7 Protection®…These Words are Bred into Every Product TKL Manufactures.

TKL Outdoors® is your one stop for Innovative 24/7 Protection® for all your weapons and gear.  Whether protecting or tracking your weapons “When Your First Shot Counts™” under the most severe conditions TKL Outdoors® will be there with Innovative 24/7 Protection®.

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Innovative, Superior Quality Products

As an organization, TKL® prides itself on being forward-thinking, with an attention to detail to produce some of the finest products on the market today. TKLOutdoors® and TKL Tactical® are constantly evolving, thinking outside the box, knowing that success is a marathon not a sprint.

TKL Outdoors® is the company to look to and rely upon for innovative, superior quality products backed by an organization who listens. TKL’s long term goal is to design and manufacture Innovative 24/7 Protection® for Outdoors, Law Enforcement and Military applications.

TKL Outdoors® is a Proud to be a Veteran Owned Company manufacturing in the USA. Innovative 24/7 Protection®