TKL Outdoors® launches the TKLOutdoorsTRAKR™ System the World’s First GPS and GSM Enabled Asset Tracking and Locating System (ATLS) for use in all TKL Outdoors® Weapons Cases

Oilville, Virginia – TKL Outdoors® announces the launching of their all-new TKLOutdoors TRAKR System, the World’s First GPS and GSM enabled Asset Tracking and Locating System (ATLS)  for use in all TKL Outdoors® weapons cases. The TKLOutdoors TRAKR  System is available exclusively through TKL Outdoors® for all TKL Outdoors® or TKL Tactical®  Weapons, Cases or Gear.

The TKL Outdoors TRAKR™  System allows any user to keep an eye on any asset you need to Trackr®.  The TKLOutdoors TRAKR®  System allows any user to create a secure, geo-fence zone for your weapons and receive alerts upon exit, entry or both within the established zone. The TKLOutdoorsTRAKRsends alerts via email, SMS and push notifications to iOS® and Android® devices. With the TKLOutdoorsTRAKR™  System you can customize battery settings when transporting or storing your weapons in your TKL Outdoors® weapons cases.

Complete information on the TKL Outdoors® TKLOutdoorsTRAKR System and all TKL Outdoors® Products is available by contacting us at, or at our website, or by phone at (804) 749-8300.

TKL Outdoors® is a Veteran-Owned company and since 1984 a leading manufacturer of the highest quality firearms cases and accessories for Outdoors, Tactical and Military personnel.