TKL Outdoors® presents a Cedar Creek Custom Banjo Case to Neal James the Turtleman’s Right Hand Man

Neil with Tomphoto (14)photo (16)

Tom Dougherty, President of TKL Outdoors® presents a Cedar Creek® Custom Camouflage Banjo case to Neal James – the Turtleman’s right hand man during Shot 2013.

Dennis Behling, TKL Outdoors Turtleman and Neal (his right hand man)

TKL Outdoors® specializes in Weapons transport and storage cases, accessories and Tactical Gear is a division of TKL® with headquarters in Oilville, VA.

TKL Outdoors® is a Veteran-Owned company and since 1984 a leading manufacturer of the highest quality weapons transport and storage cases and accessories for Outdoors, Tactical and Military personnel.